About Us

Who We Are...

A little about who we are. My name is Sykeena Jackson and we are a family owned e-commerce business in Helena, AL. Most of our business is online, but we plan on participating in Trade Shows soon!  We eat, breathe and sleep Lefties Only and are focused on providing the most accurate and coolest stuff out there. We have tons of famous and funny left handed sayings

How We're Unique...

Our original left handed sayings are actually created by our customers and followers. We are very active and are heavily engaged with our customers and followers on social media.  We hear your left handed issues and concerns.  So, we put those issues and concerns in a creative way on our t-shirts and apparel.  One thing that comes up a lot is that people have experienced the "sinister" or "evil" comment.  We poke fun at that those ridiculous myths and have fun with them.  Lefties Only is all about you and lefty pride.

As a lefty, you ever get this question? Our IG followers were cracking up on this one!

When people ask are you left handed

We poke fun at this silliness!

Our Social Media Activity...

With only 10% of the world being left handed, we heavily rely on getting left handed knowledge out there via social media.  From scholarships to left handers doing great things in the media. It's all about you!

Let's get the word out about serious left handed matters.  Like the so called left handed disability act.  I lower cased it all, because it's not real.  We love the interaction we get on social media and take each response very seriously.

Let's engage in left handed issues and concerns...

Left Handed Disability Act

Our Products... 

We stamp each design as you order it.  All of our products are made to order, which is why we pad a few extra days for shipping. No worries about getting a stale product!  Your new left handed t-shirt, sweater, hat and all left handed items and gifts are made especially for you. We love being the odd ball and different.  If everyone else is going right, we go left!  Check out these kicks we designed just for you.

We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible, so feel free to contact us with any questions or inquires.

Lefties Only was created to celebrate left handers. We observe Left Handers Day all year long! Not just on August 13th. You are special, unique and amazing! We salute you! 

How we got started...

We are all about honoring the 10% of the world with this gift. This idea came from watching my left handed husband survive in the land of "righties". After searching, I was able to find everyday items such as left handed scissors, left handed notebooks, even left handed kitchen utensils, but not really much on things that actually made left handers feel extra special. I started putting cute lefty quotes on t-shirts for him with unique designs and he absolutely loved them.

Me and my lefty hubby
Lefties Only Blogger

Finally, it's all about you. If it's not left handed, it's not right.

So, I decided to share this with the world. We have many famous left handed quotes and many fun new quotes. This site is all about left handers. Lefty Pride!

Having the gift of being a left hander is so cute! Lefties' uniqueness is utterly amazing. Watching someone do everyday things with their left hand is awesome to watch. This site is for all the lefties out there. You are special and YOU ROCK!!