Our Story

Lefties Only was created to celebrate left handers. We observe Left Handers Day all year long! Not just on August 13th. You are special, unique and amazing! We salute you!

We are all about honoring the 10% of the world with this gift. This idea came from watching my left handed husband survive in the land of "righties". After searching, I was able to find everyday items such as left handed scissors, left handed notebooks, even left handed kitchen utensils, but not really much on things that actually made left handers feel extra special. I started putting cute lefty quotes on t-shirts for him with unique designs and he absolutely loved them. So, I decided to share this with the world. We have many famous left handed quotes and many fun new quotes. This site is all about left handers. Lefties Only!

Having the gift of being a left hander is so cute! Lefties' uniqueness is utterly amazing. Watching someone do everyday things with their left hand is awesome to watch. This site is for all the lefties out there. You are special and YOU ROCK!!

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